Bonifacio Day in the Philippines

Bonifacio Day

Celebrated on November 30th in the Philippines, Bonifacio Day is a national holiday that celebrates the birthday of Andrés Bonifacio. It is a national holiday in this country, which means that most schools and government bodies are closed. Many people also receive this day off as a paid holiday.


Andrés Bonifacio was born on November 30th, 1863 in Tondo, Manila. In 1892, he founded the Katipunan, a revolutionary secret society whose goal was to liberate the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule. The Katipunan had four major objectives: 1)To develop solidarity between members, 2)To secure Philippine independence by revolution, 3)To Unite Filipinos into one nation and 4)To Establish the Philippines as a republic. In 1896, the Spanish learned of the existence of the Katipunan. This would directly lead to the events which started the Philippine Revolution.

Customs, Traditions And Celebrations

Most schools and government buildings are closed on Bonifacio Day . It is also a paid holiday for many in the Philippines. Many people will visit monuments of Andrés Bonifacio and lay flowers at the foot of them. Other people spend the day visiting parks or shopping malls or spending time with friends and family. Some areas celebrate the day with parades or other public events.

Credits to:  Holidays Calendar

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