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Independence Day in the Philippines

Independence Day is a public holiday. It is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed. What do People do? Independence Day is a day when many people, including government officials, employees, and students, participate in nationwide parades.  However, the main highlight is the police and military parade in Manila headed by the country’s

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Mangyan’s in Mindoro

For decades the Mangyan, a people group on the Philippine island of Mindoro, have been robbed of their ancestral homelands and driven back into the mountains. The missionary Ewald Dinter supports them not only in their struggle for their land. As head of the Mangyan Mission he’s trying to offer them educational opportunities and preserve their cultural identity. Credits by:

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Bonifacio Day

Bonifacio Day is a national holiday in the Philippines, commemorating Andrés Bonifacio, one of the country’s national heroes. He was the founder and eventual Supremo of the Katipunan, a secret society that triggered the Philippine Revolution of 1896 against the Spanish Empire. Observance It is held on 30 November. Unlike Rizal Day commemorates on his death anniversary, Bonifacio Day is celebrated on his birth date. This is because of the controversial events on which

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