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Mangyan’s in Mindoro

For decades the Mangyan, a people group on the Philippine island of Mindoro, have been robbed of their ancestral homelands and driven back into the mountains. The missionary Ewald Dinter supports them not only in their struggle for their land. As head of the Mangyan Mission he’s trying to offer them educational opportunities and preserve their cultural identity. Credits by:

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Takayama Festival (高山祭)

Takayama Festival (高山祭) is held at the popular historic town in Japan Alps, Takayama city, Gifu Prefecture. It’s considered one of the three most beautiful festivals in Japan along with Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri and the Saitama’s Chichibu Yomatsuri. Takayama Festival is held twice a year in spring and autumn and attracts a large number of visitors. The festival is known

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Cherry Blossom in Japan

The cherry blossom (sakura) has been celebrated in Japan for many centuries and holds a very particular place in Japanese culture. Although there are many varieties of cherry trees in Japan, most bloom for just a couple of days in spring. The Japanese celebrate this time of the year with Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties: friends, family or work colleagues

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