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Hiroshima Memorial Day

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony is an annual Japanese vigil. Every August 6, “A-Bomb Day”, the city of Hiroshima holds the Peace Memorial Ceremony to console the victims of the atomic bombs and to pray for the realization of lasting world peace. The ceremony is held in front of the Memorial Cenotaph in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Participants include the families of the deceased and people

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Japanese Culture

The culture of Japan has changed greatly over the millennia, from the country’s prehistoric Jōmon period to its contemporary modern culture, which absorbs influences from Asia, Europe, and North America. Strong 9,000-year-old ancient Han Chinese cultural influences, including the 8,000-year-old ancient Han Chinese writing script, are still evident in traditional Japanese culture as China had historically been a global superpower, which has resulted in Japan absorbing

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