Hybrids, EVs could be allowed to use bike, bus lanes

Despite joint efforts to further promote the use of hybrids and electric vehicles here in our country, we understand that the vast majority of motorists are still reluctant to make that switch. But if you’re already on the fence about it and are still looking for reasons to get an EV, here’s a good one: ease of access through major thoroughfares.

How so? Well, it appears the Department of Energy (DOE) is now looking to allow hybrid cars and EVs to use bus lanes and bike lanes on roads such as EDSA to further encourage the public to switch to EVs.


“And the move for that is coming up with ‘green plates’—not the usual black and white plates for passenger vehicles but ‘green plates’ for e-vehicles to monitor it,” said DOE undersecretary Felix William Fuentebella.

This would allow a motorist on an EV to get from, say, North Avenue in Quezon City to Buendia in Makati City in just 20 minutes through the EDSA Busway. The initiative will also allow electric two-wheelers to use bike lanes.

Does this seem like a sound plan to you guys? Tell us what you think in the comments. Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted once we get more updates on the matter.

Credits to: Top Gear Philippines

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